Stability Ball Mindful Stroop

Directions: I call out a row and column number (rows run horizontally and columns run vertically). The rows go from A-J and the columns go 1-5. Here I called two (I3, J4) so they have to find the boxes corresponding with those coordinates and shoot the corresponding targets of those colors. The catch is that the word in the box is a color (I.e. red) that’s written in ink that doesn’t match (I.e. red written in blue). The goal is to finish first but to also be accurate!
The science: Your brain wants to read the words first. This is because it attributes meaning to words and colors being more abstract, they get ignored easier by the brain. The anterior Cingulate cortex or ACC is a region associated with emotion and reward regulation. This is teaching the brain to impede the unwanted stimuli. In short you have to ignore the irrelevant response that your brain chooses.
The application: thinking quickly under pressure and making the right decision is important in any aspect of life especially when engaging a threat. By having to take in information while processing the motor skills involved in shooting, you dilute your efficiency with the increased cognitive load. The goal would to be increase your time and accuracy in these conditions so they can get as close as possible in lesser conditions! GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!