Word Recall Concentration Grid

This Cognitive Conditioning drill that is what we classify as a HWL (High Working Memory Load). These types of exercises involve remembering a set of items (this case 5 words quickly shown on screen) but all attending to other stimuli that are usually irrelevant to the previous task. After she sees the words she immediately goes to concentration grid and has 30 secs to find as many numbers as possible in numerical order. Immediately after that she’s given 15 seconds to recall as many of the words as she can in the same order they were presented. She got 13 numbers on the grid and got all the words in order. Great Job!

Working memory allows us to utilize new information in conjunction with stored information so we can solve problems, react, make decisions or control emotion. Training this function has many implications in everyday life as well as a bevy of other performance scenarios. One such is this is even more advanced and will definitely GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!