Squat Pre-Performance Routine


It may seem minute, but how you walk out to get into your squat position should take more thought than you probably believe.  The squat walk out literally sets you up for the ideal lift.  However, some just stand under the bar and back up like a U-Haul truck with no rhyme or reason.

Here is when a pre-performance routine can come in handy to mentally and physically get you focused and physically prepared to squat to your best of your abilities.  

A Pre-Performance Routine consist of 3 parts:

1. Preparation Phase-  This is where you mentally see yourself prepare for the lift.  See in your head how you would do the lift in real life!  Feel and envision how your muscle will feel.  Make it seems as real as possible.  You can also give yourself a physical cue, such as stomping the ground or a loud yell!

2. Focus Phase-  Take a deep breath and walk out the bar with a precise number of steps.  This number should be consistent and not left to chance.  Even emphasize the order you step out with your feet.  The more routine and consistent you are in this phase, the better you'll be during the lift to be in position.  Less brain power will go to set up and more will go to the task at hand.


3. Execution Phase-  Now that you are in position to begin the lift, give yourself one more mental cue in your head such as "You got this" and begin.

It may seem a little extra to put additional thought into something as simple as doing a set of barbell squats, but why leave optimal performance to chance?  This can be applied to any lift or performance!